university employability ranking

While researching universities to apply to, employability is, inevitably, at the top of a prospective student’s list as they want to study in a university which provides ample work opportunities after course completion. QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018 published a ranking list of universities in Canada stating that there were 18 Canadian universities which were among the world’s top 500... read more

Study Direct Stream - DS

What is SDS Program? The Study Direct Stream (SDS) Program is a program that will speed up the Visa processing for full-time studies attending universities and colleges in Canada SDS streamlines the process for India, Philippines, Vietnam & China. It will be started in India from 01 Feb 2018, which probably will replace the existing SPP rule. Scotiabank will provide eligible st... read more

financial decisions during pg

During your post-graduate course in Canada, you will most likely be thinking of your plan of action after you graduate; whether it is continuing studies as a PhD candidate, working full time, or getting another Master’s degree. And of course, finances will be at the back of your mind too. Many students find that jobs are difficult to get without prior experience, and entry-level salaries often c... read more

Guaranteed Investment Certificate

Scotiabank, one of the largest banks in Canada, offers the GIC program specifically directed toward international students. This popular program is named Scotiabank Student GIC program (SSGP), and enrolling in it helps Indian students meet their student visa guidelines as well as providing access to funds to help pay for school expenses while in Canada. GIC is an investment that gives a guar... read more

Top Five Universities

In Canada, you’ll find top ranking institutions with world-class faculty, infrastructure, and employability. Many universities have also been included in the Global 100 universities, by reputed ranking sources. So, if you’re considering Canada for your studies, it is highly recommended that you apply to these universities for the best educational experience. University of Toronto (UoT) • E... read more