benefits of learning french in canada

French is the second official language of Canada, so knowledge of this language will be helpful in studies as well communicating with the locals there. Here are some benefits of French language and how it enhances your chance to get admission in Canadian Universities: International students who wish to study in Canada, create limited opportunities if they apply to only English speaking provi... read more

extend study permit

How to extend your visa in Canada? When you first get your study permit, you may notice that its expiry date is the date your degree or programme ends, plus 90 days. And if your passport expires before the programme end date, then your study permit will expire along with your passport. So it would save a lot of time and hassle if you renewed your passport before you apply for the permit. When ca... read more

accommodation in Canada

The best thing about finding a place to live in Canada is that there are plenty of options to choose from, that will fit your needs such as budget, living style, proximity to university or downtown, etc. Once you have narrowed your own requirements for accommodation, you can start looking for accommodation options online, through contacts or through your university housing resource. below are s... read more

indian student experiences canada

When I made the decision to study at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, it was a huge step for me. Arriving in Vancouver, Canada for the first time, I was all kinds of ecstatic, nervous, energetic – and cold. There is no doubt that Canada and India are poles apart, but knowing about these differences before you start your journey could help you to get over difficulties faced by India... read more

The first step to study at a Canadian university is to apply for a student visa. Many times despite everything being in place, students fail  because of visa rejection. To avoid such undesirable events, knowledge of top reasons that could lead to visa rejection should be known. The reason can be one or more than one depending upon the candidate. Usually the case officer follows the main pursuant ... read more