Top Five Universities

In Canada, you’ll find top ranking institutions with world-class faculty, infrastructure, and employability. Many universities have also been included in the Global 100 universities, by reputed ranking sources. So, if you’re considering Canada for your studies, it is highly recommended that you apply to these universities for the best educational experience. University of Toronto (UoT) • E... read more

Be yourself – You have experiences, thoughts, and opinions that are unique to you. So why not showcase them? This way, you get to distinguish yourself from other applicants and have a chance to stand out. That being said, you don’t have to write about every single extracurricular experience or achievement - those are already listed in your resume. Be authentic, down to earth, and the admi... read more

activities during winter

As an Indian student going to Canada for a degree, it is understandable if you are a little apprehensive about how the winter season will be in the city. If you have never faced snow, and you don’t have a particular affinity for cold weather then along with packing any and all warm clothes with you, you’re probably wondering how you are going to spend your weekends and holidays during the wint... read more

Possibly one of the worst fears that daunt international student as they pack their suitcases to go to university in Canada for the first time is that they would forget an important travel document at home, or lose it in transit, and reach Canada only to be sent home because they are not eligible to enter. Even a small mistake such as a misspelled name, or wrong date, in any of the documents neede... read more

Inside a Canadian University Classroom

Attending a class in a Canadian university is an amazing experience. For a student entering this system for the first time, it may be overwhelming! Here are some tips to help you out. System of Teaching and Learning You may have heard that universities in Canada focus on application-based learning rather than theory-based learning. This means that professors teach concepts using a mix of case st... read more