Benefits of French Language for Your Stay in Canada

benefits of learning french in canada

French is the second official language of Canada, so knowledge of this language will be helpful in studies as well communicating with the locals there. Here are some benefits of French language and how it enhances your chance to get admission in Canadian Universities:

  • International students who wish to study in Canada, create limited opportunities if they apply to only English speaking provinces of Canada. It is an English speaking country but French is the second official language there. For instance, Quebec in Canada has maximum number of population whose mother tongue is French.
  • Being a bilingual country, both English and French are used in education and communication and also official documents.
  • Some of the very good Canadian educational institutions are French language based. Knowledge of French language improves your chances of getting admission into Canadian universities to provide education in French.
  • Knowledge of French language is helpful when international students want to become permanent residents of Canada. It adds value to their file.
  • The French Ministry of Education and Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Paris conduct some levels of French language tests. These tests are acknowledged by Common European Framework (CEF). The minimum score is one and maximum score that can be scored is eight. Students who are aiming to seek admission in English-speaking universities in Canada, have to appear for English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL and attain adequate grades.

Unlike English proficiency tests, most of the French language institutions in Canada do not demand for scores of any French language tests to give admission to international students. Few French universities may conduct their own written tests to know the French language skills of the students.

Some of the world-renowned French spoken universities in Canada are – McGill University in Montreal, Bishop University in Lennox Ville, National Theater School of Canada, Laval University Quebec, Concordia University Montreal and Université de Sherbrooke.

  • Knowing that French language is always beneficial in Canada as it is the second language of communication, the students would have an upper edge when looking for job. It adds points to the resume.
  • Apart from Canada, French language is considered in many European countries too. The students can also look for job in countries like France and Germany after graduating from Canada.
  • Becoming bilingual when you aim for international jobs help a lot.

If you are sure to apply for any French language university in Canada, join any French learning course beforehand. Even in Canada many universities conduct summer French courses to students who wish to improve their language skills prior to beginning of their academics at the university. Classroom and hands-on learning are offered at these universities.

International students knowing French and studying in Canada, have many job opportunities in their home country also. They can work in high commissions/embassies of countries like France and Canada. Another option can be to work as translators, do their own practice where documents are needed to be translated to or from French language in non-French speaking countries like India. They can also work as French teacher, KPOs conducting business in French, etc.

French language has much easier grammar than English, thus learning French is much easier compared to other languages. It is a win-win situation in the long run for international students. Many options open up by knowing this popular language. An over-the-edge advantage is procured in job market in the competitive world of corporate jobs.