6 Activities to do in Canada during the Winter Months

activities during winter

As an Indian student going to Canada for a degree, it is understandable if you are a little apprehensive about how the winter season will be in the city. If you have never faced snow, and you don’t have a particular affinity for cold weather then along with packing any and all warm clothes with you, you’re probably wondering how you are going to spend your weekends and holidays during the winter months. Lucky for you, there is something for everyone to do in winter in Canada.

Northern Lights – Have you ever seen the Northern Lights in movies, photos, and documentaries and wondered if they were real? Well, if you ever wished to witness them in real life, you can in Canada! This isn’t a digital projection or a laser show, it’s all natural. There are many places to view the Northern lights- – Nunavut, Yellowknife, or Yukon, and the appearance of the lights varies from September to April, depending on latitude.

tubing in canadaTubing – This thrilling sport involves sitting in a circular rubber tube and speeding down a giant slide made of snow and ice. Each person has their own tube, but you can go down the slide together in a group of 4! You can even take a video of ride down to re-watch your friends’ reactions. There are many tubing parks around Canada, such as the ones in Whistler and Mount Norquay, Alberta.

Ice skating – You many have gone skating on artificial ice in malls or adventure parks. But skating on naturally frozen ice is a completely different experience. Lake Louise, in Banff (Alberta) freezes over in the winter, so grab your skates and glide over there! You’ll even get treated to a magnificent view of Victoria Glacier and the Rocky Mountains – not bad eh?

helicopter tour canadaHelicopter Tours – why not appreciate Canada’s natural beauty with a 360 degree view? Especially in winter, mountains are caked in snow, lakes and rivers are frozen, and the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. Helicopter tours are offered in Banff National Park (Alberta), Whistler Blackcomb (British Columbia), and other major tourist locations in scenic areas.

Peak 2 Peak Gondola –Whistler Mountain has the highest and longest gondola ride, reaching 436 meters and travelling more than 3 kilometers. The ride starts with a steep incline taking you to one mountain, and then you are free to shuttle between the first and second mountains – for an unlimited amount of times! It’s a real treat to experience in the winter time, when the mountains, trees, and valleys have a fresh coating of snow on them, and the gondola takes you to heights that would give you the perfect panoramic views. If you do ski and snowboard, hop on the gondola with you gear, and enjoy the ride!

Snowmobiling –Many would agree that snowmobiling in the winter is an essential Canadian experience, so if you are an adrenaline junkie, then this activity should definitely be on your list. You’ll find the best spots in the countryside of Quebec, although snowmobiling tours are scattered throughout the country. Just wear warm clothes, rent a machine, and hold on tight!