Canadian universities with the highest employability rankings

university employability ranking

While researching universities to apply to, employability is, inevitably, at the top of a prospective student’s list as they want to study in a university which provides ample work opportunities after course completion. QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018 published a ranking list of universities in Canada stating that there were 18 Canadian universities which were among the world’s top 500 universities for highest employability. It provides information of the success rate of students getting a job after completion of their degree.

The ranking looks at five different aspects to be as fair and diverse as possible and obtain a holistic view of the universities. Employer reputation weighs 30% as it signifies a key performance area in the ranking system. Alumni outcomes and partnerships with employers per faculty are at 25% each which look at successful collaborations with global research-oriented companies as well as the quality and amount of placement-related partnerships. Lastly, employer student connections and postgraduate employment rate come in at 10% each.

Canadian Universities With Employability Ranking


1. University of Toronto

UoT has received the highest rank for Alumni Outcomes of any Canadian university and ranks 15th in the world. Four Canadian prime ministers have studied here and its consistency in the rankings proves that the institute provides ample opportunities for its students to pursue a job in their field – be it economics, business, music, or industrial research etc.


2. University of Waterloo

Ranked 24th in the world, this university performed strongly in the partnerships and employers category (4th in the world for this particular aspect). Waterloo offers an extensive amount of co-op programs for students to really get involved in their discipline and get a real feel of what the industry experience is going to be like.


University of British Columbia3. University of British Columbia

For students getting into entrepreneurship, UBC has many opportunities to jump start their career. Their entrepreneurial approach helps students achieve highest levels of excellence in innovative thinking and research capabilities. With a rank of 35 in the world, UBC has a variety of programs to suit all pursuits, both super concentrated and general.



4. McGill University

McGill is one of the most well-known universities in Canada. At the rank of 42 in the world, it has groomed 12 Nobel Laureates, 142 Rhodes Scholars, and 3 Canadian prime ministers (including current Justin Trudeau) who have graduated with degrees and moved on to make their mark on the world.


University of Alberta5. University of Alberta

This university has the options for a career mentoring program, internship and work experience programs including career fairs and employer information sessions throughout the academic year. The institute is ranked 94th worldwide, and provides ample support for students who need a kick-start in their professional career.



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