Colleges under SDS | Universities under SDS

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for higher education since it is home to many reputed universities and is a centre of academic excellence. Many of the Canadian universities rank amongst the top 100 in the world which include University of Toronto, McGill University in Montréal, the University of British Colombia, and the University of Alberta.

Recently, Canada launched The Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program that will speed up the Visa processing for students applying to full-time courses at universities and colleges in Canada. It started in India from 01 February 2018, which replaced the SPP rule.

SDS has been launched to provide excellent education to Indian students with smooth visa processing and optimistic visa results. Now, almost all the colleges and Institutes with registered DLI number comes under the SDS visa.

This will give a lot of choices to the Indian students. Below is a list of institute which come under the SDS visa category.

List of Universitis/Colleges under the SDS visa category

We will publish list shortly.