How to Decide the Ideal Time to Take Entrance Exams?

How to Decide the Ideal Time to Take Entrance Exams

You should start taking entrance exams as soon as possible if you want to study in a foreign country!

This is what you hear very often from your friends, teachers, colleagues and others with whom you come into contact with in your day to day life and who know you wish to pursue study in Canada. But what if ‘as soon as possible’ is too soon for you? What if you are not prepared and are afraid you might fail in your attempt? In such a case is it advisable to take the entrance exam ‘as soon as possible’? Or should you wait it out, prepare well and then take the test? And what if until you prepare the situation is out of hand and you’ve lost the opportunity? What do you do in such a case? What is the ideal time to take entrance tests for study in Canada so that you have ample of time to study, take the test and also have buffer time? Your answer is right here :

There is nothing called a perfect timing. The reason is, the time that would be perfect for you might not be perfect for your friend. You should keep some very important points in mind before choosing the date for your entrance exams. The following points might help you

  • The first thing that you need to do when you decide to study in Canada is write down the number of tests that you need to take. For example, if you are going to Canada for MS you would have to take GRE and IELTS/TOEFL and if you are going to pursue MBA you would have to take GMAT along with the English proficiency tests.
  • The next step is to calculate the approximate time that you think you would take to prepare for these tests.
  • Give yourself ample of time to prepare but don’t drag it out either. You would never be 100% prepared for any test because in the end you’ll always feel you could have done better. So create a target that you can achieve, and don’t fret if you cannot achieve it 100%, going up to 80-90% of your goal also counts.
  • Al in all you should give approximately 8-10 months’ time for preparation.
  • After selecting the approximate time, divide it in such a way that you’ll have time to prepare for the English language test along with the preparation for GMAT/GRE.
  • You could create a schedule in which if you spend four hours for GRE/GMAT preparation then allot an hour’s time for IELTS/TOEFL. Or it could be done on a day to day basis, i.e. prepare for IELTS/TOEFL and GRE/GMAT every alternate day, or twice a week, whichever suits you best.
  • If you plan as described above, you’ll realise that it would take almost a year, i.e. if you wish to start school in spring you’ll need to take the tests anywhere between September and November.
  • The deadlines for spring intake are usually December or end of January depending upon the university.
  • You should ensure that you have a month’s time in case you decide to retake a particular test.
  • One more important factor that you have to consider is that, the test results have an expiry date. Your test score may not be valid after a few years and you have to make sure that you are applying to universities on the basis of your scores not later than two years of taking the entrance tests.
  • The solution : The best time to take the entrance exams is anywhere between September and November if you are applying for a spring intake and between May and July for the winter intake.