Top Five Universities in Canada

Top Five Universities

In Canada, you’ll find top ranking institutions with world-class faculty, infrastructure, and employability. Many universities have also been included in the Global 100 universities, by reputed ranking sources. So, if you’re considering Canada for your studies, it is highly recommended that you apply to these universities for the best educational experience.

University of Toronto (UoT)

University of Toronto • Established in 1827, UoT has three campuses in the metropolitan city of Toronto.

• The institution has several grand achievements under its belt – including Canada’s first academic publishing house, and Canada’s first forest science faculty. Other accomplishments include discoveries of insulin and stem cells.

• The size of the student population is around 60,000, with 15% being international.

• UoT offers 700 undergraduate degrees and 200 graduate degrees and is known worldwide to be a top choice for those who want to pursue medicine.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

University of British Columbia • Located at the edge of the Pacific coastline, UBC has two beautiful campuses that attract tourists and students alike with its perfect summer weather.

• Renowned sites within the campus include botanical and memorial gardens and a performing arts center.

• UBC also houses TRIUMF – the national particle and nuclear physics lab which engages in cutting-edge research.

• There are more than 50,000 students enrolled, with 25% being international.

• Many famous figures, including the current prime minister of Canada, have graduated from UBC.

McGill University

McGill UniversityThis school has around 50,000 students, with 25% international. It is known for having one of the most internationally diverse student bodies in Canada.

• Its main campus sits at the base of Mount Royal, in downtown Montreal, which is known to be buzzing with activity owing to its scenic landscapes.

• It was founded in 1821, and eight years later, Canada’s first faculty of medicine was built on the campus. McGill also has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners (twelve!) out of all Canadian universities.

University of Alberta (UoA)

University of Alberta • Founded in 1908, this university has four campuses in the city of Edmonton.

• It generates around $12 billion for the Alberta economy each year, which is 5% of the GDP.

• There are about 40,000 students enrolled, representing 150 countries. And, it holds classes that are small in size – from 10 to 40 students per class.

• The school boasts a huge museum and library collection with an inventory of more than 17 million objects and specimens and 12 million library items!

• UoA has distinctive academic features, such as the Faculty of Native Studies (only such faculty in the country), and paleontology department that composes of research and courses that are unique to the school.

University of Montreal (UoM)

University of Montreal • Ranked as Canada’s top francophone (French-speaking) university, UoM holds the second largest student body population, at 50,000 students out of which 25% are international.

• The institution was established in 1878 and the main campus is situated on the slope of Mount Royal.

• It is stated as a top Canadian university in research, with a research revenue of half a billion dollars.

• UoM is also sports-oriented, with several sports teams and clubs representing the university nationally and internationally.