How to avoid visa rejection for Canada?

The first step to study at a Canadian university is to apply for a student visa. Many times despite everything being in place, students fail  because of visa rejection. To avoid such undesirable events, knowledge of top reasons that could lead to visa rejection should be known. The reason can be one or more than one depending upon the candidate. Usually the case officer follows the main pursuant to the IRP Act while approving the visa applications.

Top probable reasons for student visa rejection

  • Lack of sufficient documents that show the relationship between you and the sponsor.
  • Inability to create confidence with regulation 179 that includes the fact the student would leave Canada at the end of the higher studies.
  • Prospective students fail to give proof that they are well-settled residents of their country.
  • The submitted documentations show enough credibility that ultimately reduces overall application submission credibility.
  • The candidate has failed to give proof that their sponsor other than the parents is capable to financially support the cost of studies in Canada.
  • Any pending criminal case
  • The education background is not up to the mark.
  • If the candidate had been deported earlier from Canada or any other country.

Effective tips to avoid student visa rejection

  1. If you are applying for the first time for Canadian student visa without much prior knowledge, kindly take help from a well-qualified education counselor. These professionals would help you fill online visa application and complete all steps in a systematic manner. Informative websites on this topic can be studied to understand the student visa application process for Canada.
  2. Students who want to pursue their Canadian education in Quebec need to submit few additional documents like Certificate d’ acceptation du Québec, English and French translations for the document, a statement from the translator and a certified copy of the original documents.
  3. Submit a proper travel document or passport that permits the student to return to their home country after completion of studies.
  4. The candidate has to fulfill all rules and regulations mentioned in documents for student visa to Canada. It may also include documents related to Immigration and refugee protection Act and Immigration & Refugee Protection regulations.
  5. Original copy of Letter of Acceptance from a recognized Canadian university is mandatory.
  6. Provide enough testimony of financial sources from where your studies would be supported in Canada.
  7. The financial support documents have to be arranged before applying for student visa. Their documents should have proof of fees payment of $150 CAD along with other fees. It would be a good idea to purchase Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
  8. Always select proper visa category and do not believe the myth that only SPP visa applications get selected.

Before applying to the student visa for Canada, it is advisable that the candidates arrange for all necessary documents and proofs required by the Canadian government.