Education System in Canada

education system in canada

The standards of the education system in Canada are very high and education is considered very important. The education system is divided into three sections – primary education, secondary education and post-secondary education. Unlike in India, education in Canada is compulsory until the age of 16. In Canada, the school days of the year fall between September and June, amounting to 190 days in total.

Canada is divided into different provinces and the education system in each province differs from the other. The education is publicly or privately funded, meaning there are public and private schools in every province. These are an alternative to overseas or foreign education. The schools are boys-only, girls-only or co-educational schools. Many private schools have a very strong religious belief and faith.

The language schools in Canada offer English and/or French as a language of study. Some of these schools combine classroom studies with the real world, which is the workplace. They take students on cultural assignments and sightseeing and help their students to practice their language skills in the real world. Unique programs such as native studies, antiracism, aboriginal cultures, and crafts have also been introduced to the education system in Canada.

Children in Canada start going to school at the age of five (which is called Kindergarten) and go on to complete their primary education at Grade 12, which is at the age of 18.

Then a student goes onto study at a university or college. A university offers a bachelor’s, masters or a doctoral degree. In contrast, a college offers vocational programs and issues a diploma or a certificate. A diploma or a certificate program lasts between 2 to 3 years. This is usually completed after high school and before going onto a university.

Universities in Canada offer various programmes in fields of fine arts, astronomy, biology, media studies, commerce, etc. Currently, there are more than 10,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programmes offered in Canada. Regardless of the programme you choose to study, the education system in Canada has a world-class standard. The degree that you acquire will have world recognition and open up lucrative job opportunities in whichever corner of the world you go.