List of Documents for Canadian Student Visa

Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destinations, because of its internationally reputed educational quality. Canada provides world recognized degrees at relatively low tuition fees as compared to other countries. Top ranking universities, large number of graduate and undergraduate programs, world-class language education, healthy campus lifestyle, enormous research opportunities, excellent faculties, multicultural society, good standard of livingand safe communities are some of the reasons why Canada attracts large number of international students every year.

As a result huge numbers of international students apply for Canadian student visa every year. Student visa is the basic requirement for any international student to enter Canada.It is nothing but a certification from competent authority that the student has been granted to stay in the country for educational purpose.

It is necessary to know all the documents required for student visa. If any document is missing, the application for Canadian student visa might be rejected or refused. Let’s see someof the necessary documents required for student visa :

Documents required for student visa

Acceptance letter: If you want to pursue studies as an international student in any college or university in Canada you must have a letter of acceptance from the college, school or university. Your study permit application must include the original letter along with the other documents.

Valid passport:
You must have a passport that would be valid for your entire stay in Canada.

Passport size photographs:
Carry recent passport size photographs along with you. The photographs should be as per Canadian Embassy’s specifications.

Proof of financial funds:
Proof of funds is required to prove that you have enough finance to support you in Canada. This financial support can be proved by the following documents:

  • If money has been transferred to Canada than you must have proof of a bank account in your name in Canadian bank;
  • Your bank statements for the past couple ofmonths;
  • A bank draft in convertible currency;
  • Proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees;
  • Proof of funding paid from within Canada if you have a scholarship or are in a Canadian-funded educational program.
  • Letter from the person or institution or your employer or sponsoring organization providing you with money.

Entrance exam certificates:
You will have to submit the score cards of entrance exams like GRE or GMAT at the time of Canadian student visa application. In addition to this you may also be asked to submit English language certificates proving your proficiency in the language. IELTS or TOEFL certificates are accepted.

In addition to the above documents you may also need birth certificate/translated and notarized, fee receipt, copy of the confirmation page of online visa application with bar code, original receipt of visa fee, original interview appointment letter, affidavit of support from sponsor (if applicable).