Ways to get scholarship to study in Canada


Canada’s education system is world-renowned for its higher standards; thus it is most preferred study abroad destination for international students. But studying in Canada is not so cheap, so the aspiring candidates need prior arrangement of finances. Study abroad scholarships is great option for students offered by the Government of Canada, Canadian universities and other institutions.

Scholarships can be applied for, or it can be awarded automatically. It is a non-repayable financial award for students who have very good academic achievements. Some Canadian universities also recognize work experience too.

The scholarship opportunities for international students in Canada is limited and very competitive; usually available for postgraduate courses.

To get scholarships in Canada, the aspiring candidates should start exploring the scholarships possibilities from their home country itself. You may get in touch with ‘Department of Education’ of your country and enquire if there are any awards for which you are eligible.

Contact the shortlisted Canadian Universities about the scholarship opportunities they offer to international students. Ask specifically for the application guidelines. There are some Canadian universities that award scholarships to foreign students.

Planning ahead is the key solution to every problem. Canadian authorities are quite strict when it comes to awarding scholarships to study in Canada. Aspiring candidates should present sufficient proofs that they can meet their financial needs while studying in Canada before starting their study.

Carry out the research for the scholarships options given by Canadian universities, Government, NGOs, private institutions and provincial governments.

List of scholarships supported by Canadian Government

  1. IRDC Research awards are scholarships given by Canadian Government to international students from developing countries, who are pursuing their Masters or doctorate level research degree from a Canadian university.
  1. International students going for postgraduate study in natural, social sciences and health research can apply for ‘Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships’ by Canadian Government.
  1. Students who have enrolled for Master’s degree or PhD at Canadian University that is CGS-M allocated can apply for ‘Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program’ scholarships.
  1. ‘NSERC Postgraduate scholarships’ are allotted to international students with exceptional academic achievements studying natural sciences or engineering from a recognized Canadian University.
  1. For international doctoral students’ scholarships in the name of ‘Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program’ is available pursuing the course from a participating Canadian University.

Few of the University Specific Scholarships in Canada

  1. ‘York University International Student Program’ scholarships for undergraduate students studying in Toronto.
  1. University of Western Ontario offers various scholarships to international students known as ‘Western University International Admission Scholarships’.
  1. University of Waterloo offers Canadian scholarships to international students pursuing Masters or doctoral program at their university known as ‘University of Waterloo International Funding’.
  1. University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies offers ‘University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship’ to domestic and international students.
  1. University of Saskatchewan offers merit based scholarships to undergraduate international students known as ‘University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards’.
  1. ‘University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships’ is awarded to students studying at University of Manitoba.
  1. Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario offers number of scholarships to international students. Some of the awards are exclusively for students from US, India and Pakistan.under the name ‘Queen’s University International Scholarships’.
  1. The HEC Montreal BBA Entrance Scholarships is specifically for international students pursuing BBA program at HEC Montréal. It is also a merit based Canadian scholarship.
  1. There are many more Canadian Universities and NGOs that offer scholarships and fellowships to international students. You can shortlist the names of Canadian Universities based on the availability of scholarships to foreign students.

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