What to do if your Canadian visa application gets rejected?

reapplying student visa


After months of preparation, you applied for a Canadian study visa so that you could enroll in a prestigious university in Canada. After a few days of waiting, you receive a refusal letter from the Canadian visa office. Shocked & confused? The letter would state that you do not meet the requirements of the visa application. Now what?

First, analyze the reason for visa denial. Read your visa rejection letter carefully and take a note of the reasons for visa rejection.

Consider an Appeal

If you are sure that there is no ground for visa denial, consider an appeal with the IAD (Immigration Adjudication Division) or the Federal Court of Canada. This must be done within thirty days, and it would be great to have a lawyer who specializes in Canadian visa applications.


It is always possible for you to reapply, after rectifying the issue.

Canadian visas are mostly denied due to the following reasons:

  • Poor/ insufficient documentation – All required documents are expected to be arranged as per certain guidelines. If not done, this could lead to visa denial. Excessive paperwork is considered as poor documentation as well. Wrong visa category –Now there are 3 categories in Canada immigration, you can apply for SPP, General and university visa. You must select your visa category carefully and follow the guidelines of the selected category.
  • Incomplete application – Know student visa process in detailed
  • Lack of evidence – You could be short of evidence for the duration of your stay at Canada this could mainly be because of your failure in providing the right document, that proves that you are well to do in your country. that you are Failure to show adequate financial resources to maintain yourself during the period of your study and pay the costs of transport and stay, without working in Canada.
  • Misrepresentation of facts
  • Lack of language ability to study in Canada
  • Deficiency in describing the experience in the work experience certificate
  • Failure to explain gaps in study in a student visa application
  • Your Previous and proposed study in a student visa application did not tally. Failure to demonstrate that, you will be supported by sufficient finance to cover your study costs, by the sponsor mentioned as mentioned. Failure to meet international security standards, due to your past criminal record
  • Unable to meet health standards (only in case if you may pose threat to Canadians or your health condition may cause a burden on free Canadian health care system)

Seek professional assistance

Always make sure that you correct the initial mistakes when reapplying for a Canada student visa. While many of the reasons for visa rejection are straight forward, some can be confusing. When in doubt, seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer or online service providers who can give proper advice and help you with reapplication.