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The main difference between universities around the globe and universities in Canada is that all the universities in Canada are controlled by government or public institutions, according to QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKING , Canadian universities are ranked in top ranks and moreover provide life-enhancing opportunities, there are more than 85 universities in Canada.

We have categorized some of the universities based on their provinces and rankings.

  • Ontario is one of the provinces in Canada, and is located in east-central in Canada, it is the most populated area of Canada with a total of 40% Canadians, even Ottawa (the capital of Canada) also is located in this province. Some of the Top Universities in Ontario are
  • QuebecIt is also one of the provinces of Canada, and is located in east central Canada, it is the only province having French as official language and the only province having majority of French speaking population. Some of the Top universities in Quebec are:
  • British ColumbiaThis province is located on west coast of Canada, the province is having a population of about 4.61 million, it is one of the metropolitan region in Canada, and some of the Top universities in B.C are:
  • AlbertaIt is one of the most populous province, it is the 4th most populous province in Canada, official language over here is English and is located near the geographic centre of the province. Some of the Top Universities in Alberta are: